The Important Things to Pack in Your Roadside Emergency Kit

Packing your car's roadside emergency kit is a breeze when you know what could help you if the car is disabled. Here are a few things to pack in the kit.

Tire fix-a-flat could help to raise the tire off the rim high enough to move the car to the shoulder or down the road to a nearby service station. Flashlights and batteries are essential for any type emergency because, in addition to flagging for help, they can be used to see what you are doing at night.

Jumper cables should be in the roadside emergency kit because they give another driver the chance to help power up your vehicle again easily. Extra bottles of windshield fluid, motor oil, and engine coolant, all will be extremely helpful if either runs low.

The crew at Atlanta Classic Cars will help make your traveling safer by inspecting all the moving parts to identify issues before they become emergencies.



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