A Luxury Sedan That Can Turn Heads: Mercedes-Benz S560

The Mercedes-Benz S560 is a sleek vehicle that can draw attention anywhere it goes. Its overall appearance, in combination with what's under the hood and what's inside the cabin, make it a popular choice for customers looking for a luxury sedan.

Part of what makes the S560 stand apart form other vehicles on the market is the fact that it doesn't have a single lightbulb. It uses LEDs to illuminate things, both in the front and rear of the car. Also in the front, there's a grille with double chrome bars. This is one of the first things you can see when the Mercedes comes your way, and it leads to a newly designed front apron.

If you'd like to see a new Mercedes-Benz S560 for yourself and feel how it handles, you can visit Atlanta Classic Cars for a test drive.




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