How Horsepower Paved the Future for Automobiles

As early as the late 18th century, steam engines were being built that featured rotating pistons. While it may seem rudimentary compared to today’s advanced technology, the concept of its functionality was the base for automobile designs near the end of the 19th century. James Watt is credited for his hard work in updating previous engines of the same type. However, a less popular fact about him was his creation of a method to compute engine output.

Watt believed that if an engine were to be useful to anyone, it had to possess the power to equal or exceed that of a horse. From that point forward, horsepower became synonymous with measuring the power of an engine’s strength through its wattage in pounds lifted in a specified amount of time.

The term carried over into the 20th century, becoming the selling point in advertisements for cars throughout the world. Included at Atlanta Classic Cars are the byproducts of that golden age of automobile engineering. Make a trip to visit us at 1705 Boggs Road to experience the latest models teeming with horsepower!


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