How to Clean Up Condensation from Headlight Lenses

If there are signs of condensation inside your headlight lenses, but there are no visible damages or cracks, the problem is most likely the gasket, seal or the drainage hole. In some areas, waterlogged headlights are enough reason to fail an inspection. Although taking the lenses out and drying will temporarily solve the problem, you will eventually need to replace all the light’s components.

The best way to clear out water built up in the headlights is through drilling a tiny hole at the lower part of the light. The method works if it is just a minute condensation; otherwise, you will need to visit our service center for new headlights.

  • Check your vehicle manufacturers manual on how to get to the headlight assembly and follow the provided procedure.
  • If it is possible to reach inside the headlight assembly, use a fur-free material to wipe away the moisture from inside the lens, if not likely, skip the step.
  • Drop a pack of silica gel inside the lens assembly ensuring that the piece does not touch the bulb.
  • Put the headlight back together.

If the moisture is still present, visit our staff at Atlanta Classic Cars for a quick replacement.


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