Calculating the Total Expense of Ownership

Vehicles, in general, are quite expensive. The purchase price of any one vehicle can exceed $100,000 for consumer luxury vehicles. Contrarily, some high-end luxury vehicles can cost millions of dollars – and that’s no exaggeration. No matter whether you’re considering leasing or financing a vehicle to reserve for your own, personal purposes, it’s important to weigh all costs that could be associated with purchasing such a vehicle.

Make sure to think about insurance premiums and how the quality of your car might cause them to be expensive. Registration depends on how much you pay towards a vehicle and can be thousands of dollars if that vehicle is high-end. Fuel is expensive and should be considered in calculations. Further, you should also expect repairs as costing a good deal of money.

Never forget – our team at Atlanta Classic Cars is well-equipped to calculate such answers for any vehicle. Never get left out of knowing how much a car will truly cost!


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