Know The Definitions of Four-Wheel-Drive and All-Wheel-Drive

There is frequently some discussion that four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive are essentially the same thing, but that is not exactly the case. The two terms do send power to all four wheels, but for different purposes and different vehicles.

The four-wheel-drive vehicles have been around longer, so people are more familiar with that usage. This application uses a lower gear ratio and a split differential to achieve its function. It is used mainly in larger off-road SUVs and pickup trucks. Its use involves off-road and rough terrain applications.

The all-wheel-drive vehicles send a steady source of power to each wheel with additional exceptions for road conditions. Sedans, high-performance cars, and crossovers are the main vehicles that use all-wheel-drive powertrains. They are best utilized on paved roads where severe weather situations such as heavy rainstorms, ice, and snow are predominate.

Both systems work very well for the purposes for which they have been designed. If you’re struggling to determine which is best for you, allow the experts at Atlanta Classic Cars to guide you in the right direction!


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