4 Ways to Reduce Glare in Your Mercedes-Benz

When you drive a masterfully crafted vehicle like a Mercedes-Benz, you may be tempted to take it out on a scenic sunset cruise of Duluth. Just when you're enjoying the views, however, the road curves directly into the sun, and suddenly, you can't see anything.

Glare can be as dangerous to visibility as a tropical storm—but there are ways to keep sight of the road, and keep your trip as safe and relaxing as it should be.

  • Wear sunglasses with polarized lenses. They will cut through glare better than regular shades.
  • Make use of the vehicle's sun visor to block direct rays.
  • Have your windshield freshly detailed. Clean glass remains clear in angled light, while dirty glass causes diffraction and becomes opaque.
  • Remove any items from the dashboard, especially white paper. Their reflection on the windshield reduces visibility, and makes glare worse.

Using these techniques should help maximize your ability to see through your windshield when the sun is low in the sky, but remember to take precautions as you would in any low-visibility situation: reduce speed, leave more following room, and turn on your headlights.

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